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Episodes Overview TV Listings. Overview Episodes TV Listings. Back To: Episode Guide. Guest Cast Garrick Utley. Alexandra Deshorties. Juan Pons. Maria Guleghina. Gwyn Hughes Jones. Rafael Suarez. Samuel Ramey.

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John Wick 7. Into The Blue. Anxiety and fear accompany the desire for power, even though the powerful do not like to recognise their weakness. The truth is that we have little control over our life. We do not choose where we are born or who our family is, the education we will receive, the body we have, or what our talents, capacity and circumstances are going to be. Who we are and what we have, we owe to Another.

It was a court official, a Jewish exile, who eventually provided an interpretation Daniel We think that what we have we owe to our intelligence, experience and hard work, but even the things that make us proud, are not solely down to our own achievements. We owe them to contacts, family and a whole series of factors that, in our ignorance, we call luck.

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What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not? When Nebuchadnezzar is in his palace, he has another more terrifying dream. He sees a huge tree, the top of which touches the sky, can be seen from the ends of the earth, and provides food for all Daniel One of the great ironies in life is that when man tries to be something other than just human, he becomes less human. In his madness, Nebuchadnezzar behaves like an animal. Being your own god, living for your own power and glory, makes you less rather than more human.

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It is only when Nebuchadnezzar looks up to heaven that his reason returns to him We have to humble ourselves, instead of becoming embittered — as Martin does when he thinks of the injustices and suffering of life—, to discover the grace of that good and loving God, who is revealed in Jesus Christ. He gave up his power to come to this world and serve us until death Philippians That is our only salvation: to give ourselves up to him.

There is no other security than that which comes from his love and mercy. The kingdoms of this world will pass away, but His Kingdom will remain forever. If you want to comment, sign in or register. An interview with the socio-political representative of the European Evangelical Alliance about how evangelical Christians work at the heart of the European Union.

Images of the fifth EFN gathering. Experts, activists, counsellors and church leaders met in Pescara, Italy.

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Evangelical leaders from across Europe meet in Wisla Poland to network for mission in a range of fields. The vision is to renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe. After many years of labour, the Association of Evangelicals in Africa officially opened its new centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Politicians and church leaders discussed about the role of minorities in society.

The gathering was organised by the Lausanne Movement. Opinions expressed are those of their respective contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of Evangelical Focus. Newsletter , sign up to receive all our News by email. How can we measure the effectiveness of church planting? Forgive us our debts. What do you think about Pope Francis?

Prophet Daniel's interpretation of the dream Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon had.

Loving People: A Confession I. Marriage as an apocalypse. George Martin's Game of Thrones introduces us to an obscure world. After the Emmys, the series have become the most honored ever.

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The fundamental question in the Bible is the same as in the series: Who is in the throne? Religion has its role in Game of Thrones. Evil seems to have the last word in this world. George Martin says he is a non-practicing Catholic.