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When he is about to stab her, however, Snow White pleads for her life. The huntsman takes pity on her and allows her to flee.

Whatever After #2: If the Shoe Fits

He kills a boar and brings its heart back to the Queen. The Queen cooks the heart and eats it. The Seven Dwarfs discover the sleeping Snow White. Snow White runs through the forest for a long time. She eventually comes to an empty cottage and goes inside it. She eats some of the food and drinks some of the wine in the cottage and goes to sleep in one of its seven little beds. The occupants of the cottage come home. They are seven dwarfs who work all day mining for copper and gold. The Seven Dwarfs realize that an intruder has come into their cottage.

When they see Snow White, however, they allow her to carry on sleeping and do not disturb her. When Snow White awakes the following morning, she is at first frightened by the Dwarfs. They are friendly to her, however, and she tells them how she came to be in their cottage. The Dwarfs tell Snow White that she can stay in their cottage if she cooks and cleans for them.

They warn Snow White to be careful because the Queen will probably try to kill her again. The Queen disguised as a peddler-woman and Snow White. From her magic mirror, the Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive and living with the Seven Dwarfs. The Queen decides that she has to kill Snow White herself.

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She disguises herself as an old peddler-woman. The disguised Queen tells Snow White that she has bodice laces for sale. She tells Snow White that her bodice is badly laced up and offers to lace it up for her properly. The Queen pulls the bodice laces so tight that Snow White is unable to breathe and collapses, apparently dead.

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The Dwarfs return home. They are able to revive Snow White by loosening the laces of her bodice. Snow White tells them what happened. They realize that the old peddler-woman was the Queen in disguise and warn Snow White to be more careful in future. The Queen's magic mirror tells her that Snow White is still alive.

She makes another attempt to kill the princess. The Queen uses magic to create a poisoned comb and disguises herself as a peddler-woman again. In spite of the Seven Dwarfs' warning to her, Snow White lets the woman into the cottage and takes the comb from her.

As soon as she puts the comb in her hair, Snow White again falls down and appears to be dead. When the Seven Dwarfs return home, they are able to revive Snow White by removing the poisoned comb from her hair. The prince sees Snow white in her glass coffin. Early 20th century illustration by the German artist Luther Meggendorfer. When the Queen finds out from her magic mirror that Snow White is still alive, she is overcome with rage.

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Funds received from Amazon. Thank you for contributing by linking through SurLaLune when buying books, DVDs, clothing, artwork and other merchandise online. However, he is defeated and releases Terra. The Magic Mirror quotes "Beyond both light and dark he dwells, where war was waged upon the fells.

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The Magic Mirror later appears in Aqua's storyline. When Aqua looks for a cure for Snow White in the castle, the still-possessed Magic Mirror drags her into the mirror for a fight, but she also manages to defeat him and is released. Adieu, oh victorious one. In the Disney Channel original movie Descendants , the Evil Queen has retained the Mirror after her exile to the Isle of the Lost, reduced to a small hand-mirror that is passed on to her daughter Evie.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Although it is still controlled by rhymes spoken by the user and doesn't have an inhabitant in it. This version is a female that serves Queen Delightful of Jollyland.

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  • King Leopold feels no need to wish for anything and uses the first and second wishes to free the Genie from the lamp and to give the third wish to the Genie. The Genie expresses the desire to find true love, so King Leopold takes the Genie to his castle as he believes the Genie can find true love there. He falls in love with the King's wife Queen Regina and gives her a hand mirror.

    The King reads in the Queen's diary that she has fallen in love with the man who gave her the hand mirror and asks the Genie to locate him. The Queen is then locked in her room to prevent her from leaving the King. To free her, her father has the Genie bring her a locked box, which turns out to be filled with poisonous vipers from Agrabah so the Queen can kill herself.

    Instead, the Genie uses the vipers to kill King Leopold and allow the Queen to be with him. She tells him that since the vipers were from his country, the guards will find out that he was the murderer and flee. Realizing the Queen never loved him, he uses his wish to be always with her and to never leave her sight.

    This traps him in the hand mirror. As a spirit in the Magic Mirror, he is able to move between and see through all other mirrors in the Enchanted Forest. He is used by Regina to spy on and locate others. After Graham's death, Regina attempts to appoint him sheriff, but the wording of the town charter calls for an election.

    He loses the position to Emma Swan. Regina has him removed from the newspaper staff, and Sidney goes to Emma, claiming that he wants to expose Regina as the corrupt person she is. Despite this, Sidney tells Emma that he will help her take down Regina, but it is revealed that he is secretly in league with Regina, who is using Emma's trust in Sidney to gain leverage over Emma. Emma later learns that he planted a bug in a vase glass after it is used to tip off Regina upon discovering a key piece of evidence that would have cleared Mary Margaret Blanchard of Kathryn Nolan's murder.

    Emma confronts Sidney and realizes that he is in love with Regina. Still, Emma presses him to help defeat Regina. However, after Kathryn is found alive, Sidney falsely confesses to kidnapping Kathryn and framing Mary Margaret so that he could "find" Kathryn and become famous. Later, a cell labeled "S. Glass" is seen in the hospital basement's psychiatric ward. The name "S.

    Glass" is visible on a door in the first season finale, suggesting that Regina had locked him in the Storybrooke Hospital's psychiatric ward after he confessed to the kidnapping. In "A Tale of Two Sisters," Regina frees Sidney Glass from the psychiatric ward to be her Mirror again in order to enlist him into helping get rid of the people that are in the middle of her happiness. Regina temporarily places Sidney in the mirror to find the exact moment in which Maid Marian was apprehended by Regina's men. Regina later consults with Sidney on how to change fate. Regina tells Sidney that the villains in the book don't get a happy ending and wants him to find the writer of the book so that she can make some changes like allowing the villains to get their happy endings.

    Sidney later reports to Regina about where the Snow Queen is hiding out after his failed attempt to get a leverage on Regina. Using a compact to remain in contact to Sidney Glass, Regina heads in the directions of the Snow Queen's hideout. Regina later admits that Sidney was in the mirror.

    Upon strong winds reaching Emma and Regina, Sidney states the Snow Queen had swayed him to her side as Elsa's ice bridge breaks. After Emma and Regina defeat a large Viking made of ice, the Snow Queen takes the compact that Sidney is and retreats. At her hideout, the Snow Queen frees Sidney from the mirror as she wanted the mirror that he was trapped in to go with her mirror that she is putting together.

    The Snow Queen states that she wants the mirror that Sidney Glass is in since it is filled with dark magic. Before declaring Sidney free, the Snow Queen advises Sidney to get a warm coat since it is "going to get cooler around here. The travelling mirror that brought them to this world is destroyed in an accident, but an old mirror referred to as Gustav- which can only communicate and respond to queries made in rhyme- reveals that there were two other travelling mirrors made, with one sunk at the bottom of the ocean and the other in the possession of the Queen.