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Pippi Longstocking Gift Edition. You know - I have to start working on the Yorkshire accent myself! My kids haven't asked me yet about my favorite book, but now that I read about your son, you got me thinking! I hope you have a smashing time together - reading The Secret Garden! You will be giving your son an unforgettable time, he is sure to remember it forever!

Illustrations are especially important for kids who are branching out into new types of books! Read Aloud Dad. My nearly six-year old son just asked me last night what my favorite book was expecting me to pick something from his bookshelf, no doubt. I had never thought to read it to him before! Thanks for the suggestions!!

The Secret Garden, Illustrated Originals by Frances Hodgson Burnett | | Booktopia

Thank you for the wonderful reviews. I have ordered the Inga Moore edition as well as the Peter Pan you recommend and am so excited to get them in my hands! My daughter and I have been looking at the illustrations online and we can't wait to start it. I have also been collecting hard-cover, beautifully-illustrated editions of children's classics and found your site while researching an edition of Pinocchio the one you also recommend that I have from the library.

The ultimate goal is, of course, to read the originals that are waiting for them, but they can still enjoy many of the stories. For example, my son loves the story of Treasure Island. His first version was in kindergarten: an Easy Reader Classic he read himself.

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Since we have seen a stage version, two different movies, and read another abridged version. In a few years, we will happily sit down and read the original of an already much-loved and familiar tale. Hi Katherine, Thank you for the great feedback and for sharing your own enthusiasm for great versions of children's classics!

I love love love when I hear from other parents who are also engaged in finding illustrated classics for their kids I love to learn about great books too! You have a good point in your comment - abridged books have a role to play in the education of our kids. For one, I read a lot of abridged books when I was a kid. More than unabridged for sure.

In fact, for early readers - those are the books of choice, for sure. You rightly noticed that I stress unabridged books - but I do this for a couple of reasons - and the principal is to motivate parents to give them a try in their read-aloud sessions. These books probably require more effort on the part of the reader and the listener, but often they bring some sparkling new treasures as well. Speaking of this, let me say this - I never read David Copperfield! Never ever. Yet, last week I saw an unabridged easy reader version at my mom's Felt so good!

Now I want the original - just as you said! Your five criteria are exactly my five criteria when I am trying to pick the perfect edition of a beloved book for a young reader friend of mine for her birthday. I just can't thank you enough since I had embarked on my ordinarily multi day and frustrating search from scratch, and then by some miracle I chanced upon your posts about The Secret Garden.

Hi For a simple stepbystep program that can help your kid learn to read visit this site: read learning I'm sure you'll like it Bye bye. Pin It. Best I go straight to the story today.

The Secret Garden (FULL Audiobook)

I have some good news to share! A new book that I can rank among the best illustrated editions that we have at home. We are in luck! In the case of The Secret Garden, luck is on our side. I found three heart-warming illustrated versions!

The Secret Garden (Illustrated Edition)

But before we check out which edition is the best book-of-the-day, lets make one thing clear. Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow. Especially if you want to motivate your kids to read more, if you have a struggling reader or even if you have a tough time reading aloud to your kids. A handsome illustrated edition of a classic - will help you go all the way. Beautifully illustrated editions provide more that extra 'oomph' that that will ensure your kids enjoy a magical and unforgettable read-aloud experience.

Yet, even if you are lucky enough that your kids adore reading classics, it is always good to strengthen that love by providing them with memorable versions of those stories. Book Trolley - The #1 Blog from the World's #1 Harry Potter Website!

Then she slipped through the door, and shut it behind her,. More than one hundred years have passed since The Secret Garden was published in Inga Moore illustrated edition This masterpiece of children's literature penned by Francis Hodgson Burnett touches our hearts with the story of orphan Mary Lennox who is sent to live with her Uncle in England after her Ayah in India dies.

While living in the huge Misselthwaite Manor with her uncle she gets to know two boys - her bedridden cousin Colin who is bound to a wheelchair and a Yorkshire lad Dickon - who help her bring the forgotten garden back to life. As they breath life into the locked up garden, they also breath life back into the life of Mary's Uncle Archibald Craven who has reduced his life to a miserable existence following the death of his wife.

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Searching For Perfection. Unabridged Not a synthesized, easy reader, learn-to-read, edited or watered-down version. A big enough "read-aloud edition" not a pocket book. I've had my fair share of troubles searching for the best illustrated versions of children's classics. Like the time that I almost gave up after spending days looking for a smashing illustrated version of The Adventures of Pinocchio.